Dos Cities

4 Apr

Dos Cities

Dos cities
Delhi lies sprawled on a king-sized bed,
a mistress with Medusa’s head

While Bombay, my lover of old,
is a folded map, in the pocket of my heart.

The Swirling Yammuna,
The heaving Arabian Sea,
twist in my dreams.
A rope of pearls?
A scarf? A tangled fisherman’s line?

Water bodies that merge seamlessly—
where hard fresh water mingles with the soft salt,
where the chaos of the sea collides with the swift of the river.
Drawn into the vortex of dreams
my body floats into a black hole,
I am in a plane, flying over a city,
Going away or arriving, am not quite sure.

Feelings like soft fudge stick to my fingers,
where bathing them is futile.
Feelings crowded in my head
like the Bombay local in rush hour.
Feelings float in the cavity of my heart
as desolate as the Delhi streets at night.

The city inserts two fingers into my wound,
just to check if my heart is still beating.
The map loosens and falls in my lap,
as I lurch from dream to reality,

Falling constantly, I land,
feet-first, on the floor of my living room.
The world as I knew it has shifted,
Have I lost a lover? Gained a friend?
Delhi Bombay, Bombay Delhi
merge in my mouth with my morning tea.
Georgina, Bombay 9th evening, 2009.


One Response to “Dos Cities”

  1. meenagopal April 6, 2012 at 8:24 pm #

    hey george, chanced upon this and your blog… super!!

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